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Thursday, January 26, 2012

day 220: Whispers

Proverbs 16:28
A dishonest man spreads strife,
and a whisper separates close friends. (ESV)


Have you ever tried not to gossip?

I'm sure you're saying, "But Kelly, I don't gossip."

I said the same thing....

Until I made a conscious effort not to say anything that could be thought of as gossip, I had no idea how much gossip I really said.

Not that I said anything bad...

Not that I spread devious rumors...

Not that I told outrageous lies...

Not that I said anything hurtful or bullying....


I did find out that I 'gossiped' more than I thought I did.

Do you know the main reason?  Because I wanted something to say. You know that awkward silence? Yeah, those aren't fun. Sometimes you just need to fill it. Mine were filled with sentences starting with, "Have you heard....."

I know (*hangs head in shame*)

Has a close friend ever told you something in confidence, and you told someone else (but told them not to tell) and before you knew it, it had spread like wildfire?

If you have, you know how hard it is to rebuild a relationship when that happens.

A 10 second slip of the tongue can ruin a twenty year friendship.

So... what can we do?

*Find something to talk about that isn't gossip-y

*Pray about it if you have a problem with it.

*Tell people you don't want to hear it when they start telling you something 'gossipy'. If you don't know, you can't spread it.

Is this something you struggle with? Have you lost any friendships over it? If so, it's never too late to tell that person you are sorry and try to re-build a relationship with them.

God Bless You

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  1. I know that sinking feeling that comes from saying something you know you shouldn't have said. Great encouragement to think before we speak. Many blessings, Kelly!