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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

day 212: The Treasure at Your House

Psalm 119:162
I rejoice in your word
like one who discovers a great treasure.


Lets say we had two things: Your Bible and the Hope Diamond. Which one do you consider to be a treasure?

Most people would say the Hope Diamond because it's worth so SO much money.... and it's sparkly.

Not many people consider the Bible a treasure. There are many reasons for that.

1. It's very common. I mean, you can pick it up at any store, and if you tear one up, you can always get another one (not so much the Hope Diamond.)

2. It's not shiny and sparkly.

3. People won't give millions of dollars for it.

4. We take it for granted (ouch)

The psalmist is saying here that he rejoices in the words in this book like he would a great treasure. And we should be the same way. Even if we have read it a million times, we shouldn't treat it as just another book.

Do the people who take care the Declaration of Independence throw it around willy-nilly? No, because it's an important document.

So is our Bible.

The words in it are God's words to us. That is much more important than money.

See, you have treasure and didn't even know it.

God Bless You

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  1. so true! i'm reading through the Bible this year with one of my teens, and am once again amazed at how rich and true it is each and every day. nuggets to be gleaned and new words to refresh and renew. i just love His word!

  2. So true! My Bible is my precious treasure. Worth more than I can say.

  3. :) You always make me smile, Kelly. Thanks for the reminder that we hold a great treasure in our hands every time we pick up our Bible.