Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Cor. 15:58


Thursday, March 8, 2012

day 262: Don't Speak

Psalm 4:4-5
Don't sin by letting anger control you,
Think about it overnight and remain silent.
Offer sacrifices in the right spirit,
and trust in the Lord.


I talk about anger a lot (wonder if there is a reason behind that????). When I was reading my B90 tonight, this really stuck out at me.

Don't let anger control you.... instead think about it overnight and remain silent.

How many of us actually remain silent when we are mad? Me, personally, talk more when I'm angry. I'm a pretty laid back person (mostly), but when I get mad... things start flying out. Imagine how many fights with my husband could have been avoided if I had just slept on it.

And I am getting better. Now I pray (most of the time.. I'm not saying that I don't get mad and slip sometimes) and ask God to calm me down and say the right words (because frankly, we tend to say things we don't mean when we are angry).

What good can happen from waiting before you speak when you are mad?

One, you don't have to eat crow. I don't know about you, but crow doesn't taste good to me. And I really dislike the words, "I told you so." especially when my big, grand (incorrect) point came when I was mad and not thinking clearly.

Two, you don't say words you don't mean. (Double  negative... awesome!) In the heat of the moment, words come that you don't mean. When it's over, you want to take them back, but you can't. If you hold your tongue, you don't have to worry about it (win win!)

Three, the person you are angry at *might* decide you are right.  Now this doesn't happen all of the time, BUT there are occassions when I'm actually right when me and the husband argue. HOWEVER, for some reason, if I fuss with him, *HE* thinks he's automatically right. BUT, if I don't. If I drop it, usually, he'll tell me he's sorry and was wrong.  (Took many years of being married to learn that....)

Four, you can show godly love to another person. Remember, "You are the only Bible some people will ever read"? Well, same goes for being angry with someone. If you are angry with a non-believer and you go off on a tangent, cussing, swearing, not being your best self, they see that-- and they can think they don't need to be saved because they aren't any worse than you are (in their mind). Be careful! If you get angry, handle it delicately, especially if that person isn't a Christian. He/she will probably watch you more closely to catch you in your 'sin'.

The point, be careful when you are angry. Practice breathing, biting your lip, and sleeping on it. It's hard... OH I know it's hard (see yesterday's post at But it is something worth trying to do.

God Bless You



  1. Great advice, Kelly! (I especially like #3, ha ha ha!) But, seriously, when we wait and don't lash out in anger, we are able to be much more reasonable in our thoughts and speech! Blessings, Joan

  2. What a great post and a great blog! I will be emailing you! I am following you now and will post your button on my blog. I needed to hear this today.

    Tamika @