Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Cor. 15:58


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1-- In the Beginning (365 Reading Plan)

Day 1: Genesis 1-3

Main Characters:
God, Adam, Eve, Serpent

Key Points:
*We all know the Earth was formed in 7 days:
  1. Made Light
  2. Divided into sky and water
  3. Made Land/Plants
  4. Made Sun/Moon/Stars
  5. Made Birds/Fish
  6. Animals/Man
  7. God Rested

What do I get out of this? Well, God (GOD) rested. He got tired and took a day to recouperate. Sure, he made the entire world, but that’s not the point. The point is He took time off… how many of us do that? If I’m not working at school, I’m writing (which can be good and bad). We need to make sure to take time to rest in 2013 (and not feel bad about it)

*Also, we have the story of Eve, Adam, and the serpent. This is a story that I thought about a lot—while in labor! I kept thinking, “Eve! Why did you eat the fruit… why did you eat the fruit?!?!?!” Hehe.

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
1:26—We are all made by God to be what/look like He wants us. When we put ourselves down or critize ourselves, we put God down. We are basically saying that God made a mistake in our abilities or big nose or big body or too small body. Knowing God made us exactly how we are supposed to be helps us love ourselves, raise our self-esteem, and also let’s us see the value in other people.

1:31—YOU are valuable to God!

2:21-23—Sure, God made Eve out of Adam, but it does no good thinking one sex is better than the other. Each has different roles, but the world couldn’t function without either sex, therefore guys and gals are equally important to God.

3:6—Think “Just looking” won’t hurt… The first thing Eve did was look at the tree. If she’d flung the serpent away or left without looking, she wouldn’t have been as tempted. ‘LOOKING’ is the first step to temptation. If you are hungry  have a banana on the table, you’re gonna eat it (even though you might want a piece of cake). BUT if you see the cake, you’re going to go for it even if the banana would be a better choice for you.

3:8—You can’t hide from God (no matter how tempting it is at times). Eve and Adam tried to hide from God but failed. Even when we are alone, we aren’t truly alone (dun dun dunnnnnn). Try this: Would you say that word, do that ‘thing’, watch that movie, etc, with Jesus standing besides of you (because technically He is all the time, we just don’t think about it). If you wouldn’t, then don’t do it. Remember, the first step of temptation is looking.

Even though Adam and Eve outright disobeyed God, He gave them clothes to protect them and took care of them. How does that relate to us today?

(Bonus) Who is said to have written Genesis?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 4-6

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  1. Moses wrote Genesis and Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy.

  2. This relates to us today with our parents. Even though we have done many things that may have hurt them, they still look after us; they still care for us.

    And the person who wrote the book of Genesis, isn't really proven, but it most likely would have been either Moses or Aaron trying to teach the Israelites the origin of the world, and everything that had lead up to the Escape of Egypt.

    1. Mike, no matter how aggravated I get at my kids, I still want them to have things. Like they weren't the best angels on Christmas Eve. After they went to bed, I told my husband, "I wish I could have given them more to open."

      We think we have to be 'good' for God to love us, but He loves everyone. We feel it toward our own kids, but can't understand it sometimes with ourselves.

  3. Love your word Kelly! I am announcing my word on Thursday, so excited!


    1. Can't wait to hear, Jenifer. I'll be at school so announce early ;)

  4. I love this! I just came across this when I was looking through the One Word linkups on the Only a Breath blog! I will be doing a chronological Bible plan, but I would still love to follow along with you as well!

    1. Yes, ma'am! Follow along :) I'm glad to meet you :)

  5. Funny - I never really thought on who wrote Genesis :)

    I love that reminder that God took care of them... in their shame especially. When we feel like God abandons us the most... but he doesnt.

    I'm going to have to jump on this year read along :)

    1. Whoot Rebecca. I'm glad you are doing this with me :) :)

  6. Moses wrote the book of Genesis. Even though Adam and Eve broke the heart of God by their disobedience, He still loved them so very much...and He does me, too, even though I disobey Him!!! Praise His name for that!!!

    1. Yup, it's hard to comprehend him loving me, but like our own kids, they don't have to 'buy' our love. WE love them because they are ours. God is the same way. He loves us all because we are His... not by anything we can do.

      That's awesome :)