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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8-- A Servant's Spirit

Day 8: 22-24

Main People:
Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Rebecca, Laban

Key Points:
*God told Abraham to do an unimaginable thing to prove his faith: sacrifice his son. Though he didn’t let Abraham go through with it, in his heart, Abraham did sacrifice him. It showed how much he trusted God and how earthly things didn’t matter in the long run.

That’s hard to comprehend, actually. As a mama, I—well… Let’s leave it at that.

*At age 127, Sarah died. She was buried in a tomb that cost 400 pieces of silver (a steep price in those days).

*Abraham sent his servant to find his relatives and find a wife for Isaac. He didn’t want his son to be corrupted by the Canaanite women. However, just living around them had to influence them in some way, I would think.

*Abraham’s servant prayed for a sign. Sometimes we pray for signs that may or may not happen. I got married based on a ‘sign’ prayer (it’s worked out pretty well ;) ). It’s not a bad thing to do, just remember, God’s not your personal Genie and the Bible’s not his Magic Crystal Ball.

*At the end of our reading, Issac and Rebekah got married J (yay!)

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
24: 15,16—The servant wasn’t looking for outer beauty in a wife for Isaac. If that had been the case, he’d prayed for the hottie of the town to come and get water. Instead, he prayed for someone with compassion, a big heart, and inward beauty. We should all remember to pray/see people like that.

24: 18-21—Rebekah had a servant spirit. This reminds me of Sweet Blessing’s blog about serving. Rebekah did more than her part to help someone. Do we? Do we have a servant’s heart? If so, do we use it?

24: 42, 48—The servant didn’t hide God in his explanation to Laban. He openly told him what he’d done. Do we hide God and only talk about him in private/at church? Do we bring Him up in conversations? If not, we should pray about it and change it.

Who did Abraham buy Sarah’s tomb from?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 25-27

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this so far. Have you learned anything you didn’t know before?

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  1. I have enjoyed this VERY Much! I have learned a few things from here! Very Well Done! I'm really excited to do this,because i have never read the bible cover to cover. I've read many passages however, but I never had time to read it cover to cover the first few books of the bible, have to be some of my favorite because it really foreshadows the coming of Jesus.