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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Responsibility and Young Goats (day 24/365)

Day 24: Exodus 22-24

Main People:
Moses, Aaron, Israelites

Key Points:
*This section has a lot of laws in it. Here are some that stood out to me…
·         Don’t kill a thief in the daylight. That’s murder.
·         Pay back more than you stole.
·         You have to pray the wedding price if you seduce a virgin
·         Don’t sleep (sleep) with an animal
·         Don’t sacrifice to other gods
·         Don’t exploit widows or orphans
·         Don’t dishonor God or curse your rulers
·         Don’t hold anything back from God.
·         Don’t spread false rumors
·         Don’t follow the crowd into doing wrong
·         Don’t slant testimony to slander a poor person.
·         Don’t take bribes
·         Don’t walk by enemy if he/she is hurt
·         Don’t cook a young goat in its mother’s milk (eeewww… that one’s sad)

*74 people ate and drank on Mt. Sinai in the presence of the God.

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
Exodus 24:18—And he Moses) remained on the mountain forty days and forty nights

Which law that you read jumped out at you like, “They needed a law against THAT?”

Tomorrow’s Reading: Exodus 25-27

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  1. The Law that made me jump out was the one: If anyone sleeps with an animal they will be put to death. That one, I really had to stop and re-read to make sure I read it right.

  2. lol. Yeah, there are a few that have to be re-read.