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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Instructing the Priests (Day 26/365) Guest post by Mike R.

Day 26: Exodus 28-30

Main People:
Aaron, and his sons

Key Points:

*In this section we are given instructions on Priests, and everything involved with them. 

* Aaron is to become the first High Priest and His Sons are to become the first 4 priests.

*The Ephod was basically, an apron made with gold, blue, purple and scarlet. With two shoulder pieces, with onyx stones, that had the names of Jacobs children engraved in the order of there birth.The point was to  symbolize that he carried Israel on his shoulders. 

*The Robe was always to be in blue and NEVER TORN. Now lets make a connection to the New Testament. We are never told what color Jesus' robe was, but we are told that it was torn by the High Priest... How Ironic...

*The Robe was to have golden bells simply for their purpose. To make a noise. To let other people know when the High Priest was coming.

*The Turban, always had a gold sign saying, "HOLY TO THE LORD"  Which was to remind people they were in the presences of the Lord, and a reminder that he was to be kept apart from the people.

* When the Priests were consecrated they had to put their hands upon the head of the bull. Laying the hand on the head of an animal usually meant the transfer of something. But in this case it was the transfer of Guilt, and Sin. Then the bull was to be a Sin sacrifice.

*They were NEVER to make any oil or incense with the same ingredients and measurements for their own use. Why? Because it was SACRED. It was set a side ONLY FOR THE LORDS USE!

* In this reading, we see that everything is to happen IN FRONT of the curtain in front of the Ark of The Covenant. AS you know, they had it blocked because anyone who would look at it would die :(  At Jesus death, the curtain was split in half, and people were able to see the Ark. People were able to see Jesus for who he was. 

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
28:2 - They were to have special garments to give them dignity and honor

28: 36 -We are called to be Holy To The Lord. 

28:41- This is more of a personal one. But is was the last 7 words that jumped out at me. " ...So they may serve me as priests" 

29:37 - Seven= Perfect... It's no surprise that God said 7.


What did Aaron have to sacrifice everyday for generations to come? 

Tomorrow’s Reading: Exodus 31-33

It was my pleasure, to come and right this post today!  
See you on Monday! 

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  1. Mike, thank you for this! I learned a lot from reading it.