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Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7-- A Very Important Dot

Day 7:19-21

Main People:
Lot, 2 angels, Lot’s Wife, Lot’s Daughters, Abimelech, Isaac, Ishmael, Hagar

Key Points:
*God couldn’t find 10 righteous people in all of Sodom, so he destroyed it. Have you ever wondered if He could find 10 righteous where you live? Not perfect (Lot was by no means perfect), but righteous… people who KNEW there was a God. Hmmm… If our destruction was based on how many people believed in God, I bet we’d be out there knocking down doors, pleading with people to go to church and believe. What do you think?

*I’ve always felt bad for Lot’s virgin daughters.

*Lot didn’t want to go to the mountains like the angels told him. He wanted to go to a small village. The angels told him fine. THEN, he was afraid that the people would hurt him so he went to live in the rocks like the angels had instructed in the first place… Uh-huh ;) We are hardheads like him sometimes, and God is patient with us.

*Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. We shouldn’t look into the past. Only at the future. Sure, it’s good to learn from the past, but we don’t live there. It’s like the Stephen King movie/book, The Langoliers. They were little monsters that ate time in the past so it didn’t exist any more. A lot of us think of time as a past event and we are at the front dot on the number line. Sometimes we think of time as in the future and we are the rear dot looking out at the ones ahead of us.

But what if time is just a dot, not a line? What if *now* was all we had? Yesterday is gone/used up. We aren’t promised a tomorrow—so basically we are a dot without a line. It’s good to save. It’s good to learn from past mistakes, but don’t waste your now on the past line that doesn’t exist.
(I got all deep there… what do you think about it? )

*Isaac was born. Ishmael made fun of him, so he and Hagar was banished. But for the second time, we saw God talking to Hagar and provided for her. He didn't care that she was 'just' an Egyptian maid/semi-wife of Abraham. He still took care of her and the boy.

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
19:30-38—Lot didn’t get is daughters any husbands after Sodom fell. So, they took maters into their own hands by getting him drunk and sleeping with him. I’d like to know what kind of drinks these people had because they seemed pretty strong. I’d hate to be so drunk I did ‘that’ without know it.
HOWEVER, Moab became the father of the Moabites. Ruth, great-grandmother of David, was a Moabite: a descendent of incest. She became part of the line of Jesus. Just because you come from an unpleasant beginning, don’t think God can’t use you or judges you based on it.

20:2—Ye ole, “She’s my sister” trick. Haven’t we seen this before? Oh yeah, from Abraham. Guess he didn’t learn from his mistakes either. He was living on the ‘dot’. Luckily for Abimelech, he didn’t sleep with her and didn’t get God’s wrath. At least, Abimelech handled it well…

What did Lot’s daughters’ fiancés think when he told them to take his girls and run out of Sodom?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 22-24

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