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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 9-- Goat Served with a Side of Deception

Day 9: 25-27

Main People:
Abraham, Isaac, Keturah, Rebekah, Ishmael, Jacob, Esau

Key Points:
*Abraham had other kids, but gave all (well most) to Isaac. He did give some gifts to concubines wives’ kids.

*Ishmael and Isaac buried him which I found sweet since they didn’t get along very well.

*Isaac said Rebekah was his sister—like his Daddy did, only it wasn’t a lie when his Daddy said it. Runs in the family…

*Isaac became too rich, so the king sent him away.

*THEN Abimelech made a treaty with Isaac because he was so powerful

*Esau married Judith and Basemath (Hittites) and made life miserable for his parents.

*Jacob got his Esau’s inheritance on a scam and a family feud was born. Sure, Esau wasn’t a great son, but Jacob wasn’t perfect either.

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
25:21—Pray and plead to God for every our most personal requests.

25:32-33—When we see something we want, we automatically want to get it no matter what. Think of the consequences before you give up you birthright for a bowl of soup…

27:11-13—Sin can degrade your character

How did Jacob deceive Isaac?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 28-30

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  1. I love your questions/reflections - great ideas to chew on.

    We automatically downgrade Esau for giving up his birthright for a bowl of lentils, yet how often, if not for grace, would we be in trouble for pursuing our wants...

    1. Yup, how many stupid things do we say a day/pray for that we don't really mean. This is a good story to remind us that our words/actions have consequences :)

  2. If we read this story of the final blessing, it wasn't Jacobs fault, it was Rebekah's. Rebekah had told Jacob to go and get a goat, so SHE could prepare some good stew. Jacob was only listening to what is mother had said.

    1. Yeah, but everyone has a choice. He chose to listen to her. And yeah, Rebekah was at fault partly, but Jacob was the one who listened. Everyone is responsible for his/her actions. :)