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Sunday, February 19, 2012

day 244: 10 Commandments (the Seventh)

Deuteronomy 5:18
  You must not commit adultery

Last Sunday in Sunday School, I was going over the 10 Commandments-- the intention was to show how hard they were to follow and how good it is now that we have Jesus and can get forgiveness when we fail.

So (much like I'm doing here on the blog), I went through the 10 commandments and how well I did/do with them.

I cut my eyes to my husband, who was sitting all staring... and I knew what he was waiting for--- would Kelly confess to adultery right in front of God and everyone at church?!?!

The short answer is no: No, I've never slept with anyone else. In fact, the hubs is my one and only (not that you needed to know that...).

The long answer, the one that was SO HARD TO ADMIT, in church, in front of my class, in front of my husband, is that yes-- I've committed adultery in my heart (ouch).

Everytime I watch a show, see a magazine, see a picture on the internet, and see a man whom I find very attractive, if my mind wanders off to (not nice things) then I'm sinning in my heart-- which is just as bad as sinning physically.

I've started really watching this because it can be so damaging on a marriage. The people in magazines or in movies aren't real--- well they are real as in physical-- but the people they portray aren't.

I remember once telling my husband to just pretend he had a screenwriter and say what he thought a 'leading man' would say... seriously.

The people in magazines have airbrush... stylists... the ability to work out 23 hours a day... publicists telling them what to say (because you see how big of trouble they get in when they go off and say what they really think on Twitter...). They are a money making machine, and they feed into the unrealistic ideals we have of men (and men have of women to be 'perfect' little housewives with spotless houses and tight bodies).

They're whole entire purpose is for you to fall for them so you will buy their product. A picture, an actor, an actress (no matter how physically attractive they are in a picture on screen) will never love you like your spouse does.. they will never hug you at night nor wipe your tears when you cry. They won't care about you when you get old... or still remember you when you were young enough to look good in bed.

Now, the other side of this commandment is physical adultery. I personally haven't had to deal with this, but I know people who have... and I've seen the toil it takes on them.

Keep it in your pants, people! (Men and women). An hour, two hours, heck even 15 minutes of 'pleasure' can't be worth a whole marriage.

And I get it.. I SOOO get it! Marriages get in ruts. Ours gets in ruts... and that's when your mind starts wandering... and that's when the danger starts.

As everything else, this can be forgiven-- probably easier to be forgiven by God to be honest than the person you've cheated on. But it is possible. I know some people who have committed adultery and have gone on to have great marriages... those are the exceptions I think. I know you have to pray about it and do what's right by YOU and YOUR situation... and NO ONE should judge you for that!

So, to sum up, be careful what you watch/look at. Whatever you put into your eyes goes to your heart. Even "good wholesome" romantic movies can hurt a marriage if you let it seep in and you try to imagine your spouse like that--- those people have 5 script writers behind them, telling them what to say... your spouse doesn't have that luxury lol.

God Bless You

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