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Thursday, February 9, 2012

day 234: Hidden Scrolls/Hidden Bibles

2 Kings 22:8-11,13
Hilkiah the high priest said to Shaphan the court secretary, "I have found the Book of the Law in the Lord's Temple!" Then Hilkiah gave the scrolls to Shaphan, and he read it.

Shaphan went to the king and reported, "Your officials have turned over the money collected at the Temple of the Lord to the workers and supervisors at the Temple."

Shaphan also told the king, "Hilkiah the priest has given me a scroll." So Shaphan read it to the king.

When the king heard what was written in the Book of the Law, he tore his clothes in despair.

"Go to the Temple and speak to the Lord for me and for all people and or all Judah. Inquire about the words written in this scroll tha thas been found. For the Lord's great anger is burning against us because our ancestors have not obeyed the words in this scroll. We have not been doing everything it says we must do."


I know it is a long verse(s) today, but I love this story. I was praying about what to type about tonight, and this popped into my head. I thought, "But Lord, I have no idea where to find it."

"2 Kings" popped into my head and I flipped to it. Going through, I saw "Found Scrolls" in the margin of my bible from the first time I did the Bible in 90 Days challenge.  It's amazing to me how God uses things like that :) Gave me goosebumbs :)


Like I said, I really like today's little mini lesson. How are people supposed to know about God if they aren't taught? How are we supposed to live like we are supposed to if we don't read the Bible and find out how?

How are we supposed to tell others about the Bible if we don't know it ourselves? (and by 'know it' I don't mean word for word... but a general understanding which comes from reading it daily helps)

These people sinned for years because their previous 2 evil kings didn't think the Books of the Law (either the first 5 books of the Bible or Deuteronomy) were important. Basically, they were tossed aside somewhere in the Temple. They could have easily been burned, thrown away like trash, sold to the highest bidder-- but they weren't. God protected them.

God knew where they were the entire time (like He knew where today's verses were). And He guarded them until the right time to show them again.

People need to know about the Bible-- actually what's in it and not what they 'think' is in it (there are lots of websites that have verses that people 'assume' are in the Bible, but aren't.  I'm nerdy enough to love those sites lol).

How can you spread the Bible around?

*Post verses on facebook

*Link your blog on facebook.

*Put a Bible verse in your email signature

*Donate Bibles to Goodwill or some other organization

How can I learn more about the Bible?

*Read it daily

*Memorize different verses that you can use in different situations

*Play Bible Trivia games

*Talk to others about it.

There are many other ideas out there. These are only a snippet. The point is that the world needs the Bible (even if they don't think they do). The scrolls were hidden in Josiah's day, and a revolution happened when they were found. Imagine what could happen now?

God Bless You :)


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