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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Numbers (Day 39/365)

I'm sorry this is late... I read it... and then I fell asleep (whoops).

We are on Numbers now... one of the easiest books of the Bible to read... why? Because there are a bunch of numbers ;) I like Numbers. I think it's interesting to read about how one small group of people could grow as much as Jacob's group did.

One thing to notice: Jacob had 12 sons (so you'd think they were the 12 tribes).. and they are... but their not...

There is no tribe of Joseph. Joseph's portion was given to his 2 sons Manasseh and Ephraim. 

So that would make 13 tribes...

Except that Levi's tribe was chosen as the priests and not 'counted' (they counted, but not in the census)

That leaves 12 tribes: 10 out of 12 brothers-- and 2 grandkids.

Did anyone else get anything different out of it?


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