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Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Days Worth of Numbers (Days 40 and 41)

I fell asleep last night (again) and missed posting so I decided I'd combine these 2 days. 

Num. 4-6 (day 40)

First, it talks about the tribes in the bigger group of Levi's and their job. Can you imagine picking up that HUGE tabernacle and carrying it where ever you went? Wow! Sometimes, we have a hard time even 'picking up' our Bible for church....

Then there are some laws about skin diseases which I assume was to keep disease down.

Then what to do with a woman who is accused of cheating on her husband (it seems pretty horrible if you ask me...)

And then we learn about the Nazirites-- Do you know who the most 'famous' Nazirite is? (I'm sure you do...)

Num. 7-9 (day 41)
A bunch of people (12) brought the same things as an offering of dedication of the tabernacle. 

The Levites were dedicated for service in the tabernacle. They would serve from age 25-50. 

Even 'unclean' people were required to do the Passover celebration, but a month later. 

Sometimes they Israelites could camp for a few weeks... sometimes only a day. I can't imagine how frustrating that had to be for them. Maybe if we understood that, we could understand how they acted in later chapters/books.

So, what have you read that has seemed interesting? Would you care to share?


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