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Sunday, February 3, 2013

In Which Kelly Discusses Bodily Functions... (Day 34/365)

WARNING: Body Function Talk Ahead!!!

Leviticus 13-15

This post is late because, honestly, I was watching the Super Bowl (sorry about that).

I wish I had read it sooner because these 2 chapters are some of my favorite in Leviticus.


I have no idea!

I just find them interesting.

Lev. 14:54 pretty much sums it up: "These are the instructions for dealing with serious skin diseases, including scabby sores, and mildew, whether on or in a house, and a swelling on the skin, a rash, or discoloration of skin."

Part of it is... ewwww.....

And part of it is... ahhhh!!!....

There are 2 other parts (the last 2 chapters) that interest me. Of course, being a lady, I found the menstrual cycle thing interesting (and very cool that it's even mentioned in the Bible. Not to be graphic, but I bet it was an... ordeal... back then dealing with that. They didn't have-- wings.)

The other part is the entire chapter 15-- male bodily discharges.


The first time I read this in B90, this caught my eye and I had to text my sister about it (aren't you glad you aren't my sister?)

Basically, the first part is a man with a 'discharge'.

And the second part of the chapter is when a man 'discharges' his... uh... self. His happy swimmers as it were.

Here's my question... how many different types of 'discharges' are there? The whole first part of Ch. 15, I *thought* I knew what was going on, but then at the end I was like, no... I had no idea. 

I think I 'might' know, but I don't exactly know--

The bottom like is God cares about your health, and wash, wash, wash!

So, there ya have it... aren't you glad you waited all day for this post ;)

BTW, check back tomorrow because Rebecca Aarup actually has a GREAT post for you (and, as far as I know, there aren't any discharges...)



  1. Lol you're so funny. Great insights. Hehe

  2. Lol you're so funny. Great insights. Hehe