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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fear and Wandering (Day 43/365)

Numbers 13-15

And here's where it gets real...

So, the Israelites sent 12 people to scout the land of Canaan (even though God told them they would conquer it, they 'knew' better than God...)

They saw giants living there and got scared (as we all would).

They came back and riled up the people. The people wanted to go back to Egypt (where they had food and non-giants... they seemed to forget the slavery part and all) and wanted a new leader.

The only 2 who wanted to go and do what God told them were Caleb and Joshua. 

Long story short, God got mad.... like royally ticked and said that since they didn't trust Him, he'd make sure none of them entered the promised land. Only Caleb and Joshua would.

You can imagine how that went over with everyone else.

I don't remember exactly where I read it... but I believe it was only 7 or 11 miles from the Red Sea to Canaan. And they had to wander it... for FORTY YEARS!

It's a hard lesson for us all to learn. Sometimes God puts something in our path and we jump the gun. Then it ends up taking longer to get what we were 'supposed' to have years ago because we thought we knew better.

Anyone want to share something in their life that you 'knew' better than God and how it backfired?


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