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Friday, February 1, 2013

Can You Lead Before Dealing with Your Own Sin? (Day 32/365)

Day 32: Leviticus 7-9

Main People:
Priests, Israelites, Moses, Aaron, Aaron’s sons

Key Points:
*There are some rules here that stuck out at me.  You can take them how you want to take them (or rather, how God lays it on your heart to take them…)
            *Don’t eat fat (I’d be skinnier, probably, if I followed this one lol)
            *Don’t consume blood from bird or animals (I like my food cooked            
            All the way… burned would be good ;) )

*Aaron and his sons were chosen as priests

*I thought it was interesting that Aaron had to do a sin offering for himself before he could do a sin offering for the Israelites. Our leaders have to have their own sins taken care of before they can help the community. It’s the same today. Preachers, leaders, (bloggers) have to take care of their sins first before they can even dream of helping others. That doesn’t mean you’ll never sin… the Israelites didn’t just kill one cow and it was done… it’s a continual process. One that will make us better people.

Verses that Jumped Out at Me:
Leviticus 9:24—Fire blazed forth from the Lord’s presence and consumed the burnt offering and the fat on the altar. When the people saw this, they shouted with joy and fell face down on the ground.

What was the significance of making Aaron the high priest? How does that relate to Jesus?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Leviticus 10-12

*To find the reading plan I’m doing, click on the “Our Reading Plan for 2013” tab.


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