Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Cor. 15:58


Friday, September 28, 2012


This week starts our series on SPOTLIGHTING the blogs in the devotional directory. Each one is special, gives great Godly encouragement, and is authored by someone who wants to do what God wants them to do. Every Friday, one of these special blogs will be in the spotlight. If you’d like your blog in the spotlight, please email me at ohthatmomagain at yahoo dot com.

Our first blog is WALKING IN FAITH 4 Him. It is ran by Kathy (a wonderful lady who just happens to be my sister. Don’t think I’m playing favorites… she was the first one to sign up lol). I’ll let Kathy tell you a little about herself and her blog. 


1.    Why do you write devotionals? After guest posting on encourage365, I felt that maybe I had something to say that might help someone else in their walk with God.

2.    What is your favorite thing about writing devotionals? My favorite part is when God starts letting me know what to write about. When I try to go off on my own it doesn't work out. But if I let God have control over it, it just flows.

3.    What is your favorite book of the Bible to write over? I really don't have a "favorite". I haven't been writing long, so I just go where God leads.

4.    Do you have a general idea what you are going to write over, or do you find a verse and just free write? I try to have something in mind to write. I'll pick out a scripture most times, but it never works out. So I ask God what he wants me to write and he gives me a different scripture and topic than what I had in mind.  So I guess in a way I free write.

5.    What made you decide to write?  I guest post on encourage365 and decided that I liked it, so I started my own.

6.    What is the hardest part of having a devotional blog? Finding the time to write.

7.    Do you ever find yourself writing about topics you need to be working on? Yes definately. When something comes up that I need work on for myself, then I just have to write about it. It helps me to study the Bible and find scriptures that I can apply to my life, and hopefully someone elses life.

8.    If you can’t for the life of you decide on a devotional, what is your back up plan? Pray and pray hard.

9. What is your favorite part of blogging? Reading all the other blogs. I have met some really wonderful people since blogging and being involved in encourage365. Sometimes you feel that you are alone in the world and think nobody else is going through tthe same things you are, And then you read some of the others and you see that others have the same fears and trials that you do.

10.  Tell us about yourself: family, kids, schooling, (You don’t have to get too personal if you don’t want) I have been divorced 3 years after being married 33 years. Trying to adjust to single life and trying to do what the Lord wants from me. I have 2 wonderful sons and 2 wonderful daughters in law. God has  truly blessed me. I have a great mama, 2 great  sisters, and 3 of the sweetest cutest nieces anyone could ever hope to have. Oh yeah, I have a lovable black and white cat named Sylvester too.

FINALLY: What is one life lesson God has taught you either through blogging or in general?  That everyone has problems.We all have doubts and fears. But we also have an Awesome  God who leads, guides and protects us.

I wanna thank Kathy for her great, honest answers, for signing up to be the SPOTLIGHT ‘lab rat’…. Er… first blogger, and for being a great big sister J Please visit her blog and give her some love.

Next week, our featured blogger is one of our regular contributors. Come back on Friday to find out a little bit more about her J


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  1. Love this idea. It makes the bloggers more than just a name. Now we know a little bit more about Kathy and she sounds like a lovely lady.

    Can't wait to get to know the others better.