Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Cor. 15:58


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 38: The Heart

1 Samuel 16:7~ But the Lord said to Samuel, "Don't judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him.  The Lord doesn't see things the way you see them.  People judge by outward appearances, but the Lord looks at the heart."


I have a new laptop computer (yay!).

I also have a new webcam on said computer...... (Ummmmm)

Did you know that thanks to that webcam, I now know that I have a slight lisp and flaring nostrils?

Oh My!  I made a webcam video (just to try it out) and I, of course, picked out EVERYTHING!  EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of myself that I saw as just horrible.

*My lisp (which I have now thanks to a bit of nerve damage from wisdom teeth surgery a month ago... praying that heals soon because it's kinda weird having a partially numb tongue.... just saying..)

*My nose (I knew it would flare, but I didn't know an elephant could march through it!)

*My double chin (more to love.... right?)

*The fact that I look about 12 (I'll LOVE that at 50!)


And I actually had the thought, "Lord, well there it is.  There is no way I can ever be a speaker or even post youtube videos for you because I ain't no model."

YES, I actually said that... to GOD!  (I'm not perfect.... have I mentioned that before?)

That's why today's verse made me laugh when I saw it.  Today I'm reading my Bible in 90 Days, and the top verse is part of what I was reading (Timely I thought).

God doesn't care if you are cross-eyed, have no eyes, or have model-worthy eyes.

God doesn't care if you have a small nose, a Greek nose, or a clown nose.

God doesn't care if you stutter, have a lisp, or has the voice of a game show announcer.

1. God made you (and me) and he doesn't make mistakes!  We've talked about this before.  I'm exactly the way he wanted me to look.... flaring nose and all (it adds drama to any conversation...)

2. God doesn't look at your outward appearance anyway.  He looks at your heart. 

Is your heart pretty or pretty dirty?

God judges on our faith.... and our character, not what we look like... or what we *think* we look like (my husband says he can't hear a lisp...).

We need to pray and take steps to improve our heart and our attitudes. 

I remember one night I prayed, "God.. you know my heart."... and then I stopped.  My eyes got all big and I thought, " gosh!  He knows my heart! Do *I* know my heart?!?"  And I panicked a bit lol. 

When the world (now as it did then) judges on the outside, God judges on the inside.  Lets make our hearts worthy of Him. :)

God Bless You!



  1. Hi Kelly - this is an excellent post. Its hard being judged on the outside by others or ourselves (I think we are more harsh on ourselves!)But then on the other hand, best I don't judge anyone on the outside, right? Going to go check my heart in the mirror.
    God bless

  2. Kelly, this made me chuckle. When I first got my webcam I decided to do a video blog. I was SO excited. Until I watched it. I picked apart every single thing! My hair wasn't right, my head moves funny when I talk, my make up wasn't perfect, my voice sounds funny, I could go on and on. But those things do not matter. To God, I am a treasure. I am His princess. Great post.

  3. Kelly, I don't think there is a single picture taken of me that I like. I see droopy eyes, wrinkles, bad hair, etc. But none of that matters to God. He looks directly to my heart. So why do we often focus more on the outside than the inside. I like what Kelly said - I'm gonna go check my heart in the mirror. Many blessings!

  4. I love this! We all look at ourselves so critically. I think I often forget that God loves me just the way I am. I actually was working on the fact that we often judge other people and I decided that each time I looked at someone and thought I may want to judge or even when not I would say out loud or in my head God Bless You. It has worked out so wonderfully and now I enjoy it and can't stop. Maybe I should try it on myself! Each time I look in the mirror and start to judge I need to say it to myself and remind myself of his love!

  5. I forget it too sometimes. I don't like judging others, but have no problem pointing out my own flaws.