Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Cor. 15:58


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 31: Being Thankful

Psalms 105: 1-2
Give Thanks to the Lord and proclaim His Greatness.
Let the whole World know what He has done.
Sing to Him; yes, sing his praises.
Tell Everyone about his wonderful deeds.


Today, we have homework.

I want you to take a sheet of paper and write down 10 things to think God for.  Then, I want you to pick one--- And tell someone about it today.

For example:  Lets say your #7 was Thank God for the roof over my head.

Sometime thoughout the day, mention that fact to someone you encounter.  Lets say it's the lady at the register at the store. 

Me: "Looks like it might rain today."
Cashier: "Really? I haven't heard."
Me: "Yeah, I sure am thanking God for the roof over my head."
Cashier: "Oh really?  My roof leaks so I'm not a big fan of the rain."
Me: "I guess not. I'm sorry to hear that. I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers."

I doesn't have to be a big sermon, but even a little is more than nothing.

For some people, this will not be easy.  Some haven't said the Lord's name (in a good way) in years.. much less to a stranger.

It's time that we break our (yes OUR habit) of only mentioning God's name at church.  Lets proclaim his greatness!  If the few who read this blog all do this-- maybe there will be a ripple effect.  Maybe others will do the same, and then maybe people who never hear the Lord's name.. who never in their entire day think of Jesus will have their memory's jogged.

How can you tell someone about God?

*You can bring it up in conversation.
*You can use your facebook status
*You can write a blog post
*You can simply say "God bless you" when someone sneezes :) 

Please leave a comment blow sharing how you Thanked God Today.  And how you shared your one 'thank you God' to someone else today. 

On my other blog, I have started "Thankful Tuesday".  I had actually written this post before I even thought of doing it (how cool is that!).  On it, there is a linky tool where you can link your own blog post about your top 10 'Thankfuls' for the week.  I'm hoping that it will be an encouragement to others :) And a way for people to stop and for just 5 minutes, thank God... and be Thankful for what they DO have...

Lets keep encouraging each other.  The world is so negative at times.  Lets smile and add some positives to it :)

God Bless you!  And don't forget about your homework.


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  1. HI Kelly - homework challenge accepted, will do it for tomorrow.
    Great post
    God bless

  2. Yay! I'm glad you chose to accept the challenge. I can do this :)

  3. Great post, Kelly. I will find a way to mention God's blessings to someone I meet.

  4. I love your site. I think this combined with my own will really keep me on the track I have been praying for. I told many people today and in fact I feel great about it! I hope you will check out my site. It is my Faith Confessions! New and glad follower!

  5. I LOVE THIS!! Thanks for posting really good reminders on how we can be thankful and share that thankfulness with others :)
    New follower (from my moms of faith group on VB!)