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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Bible in.. 365 Days :)

I wish I had more time to 'promote' this idea, but it just came to me tonight after praying what God wanted this Blog to do in the new year.

It's called 'Encourage 365' after all, but I haven't been good on the '365' part any more.

I had a plan. God had another for 2013... and I'm SOOO excited about it!!

COMMITMENT is my 'One Word' for 2013 and now I know why.

I've read the Bible all the way through before in the B90 program. I've been a mentor twice and have loved it! I think the Bible in 90 days is a great program, but I'm ready to try something else. Something slower...

And I found the 365-Day Reading Plan...

It dawned on me that 365 reading plan... 365 blog... PERFECT!!!

The best part, for you, is that you don't have to sign up, don't have to check in, don't have to do everyday if you don't want (I'd welcome it, though. It would make me happy if you decided to commit to reading the plan every day, but I'm not going to keep up with it or anything like we did in B90).  

Here's the plan for 2013:

  • Daily devotionals by me over the daily reading (with questions, tidbits I've learned, etc)
  • At the end of the month, we'll have a giveaway to keep us going and our spirits high :) The task to win the prize will be Bible related and about the verses we've read during the month. On January 31st, I'll giveaway a free ebook copy of CROSSING THE DEEP (my YA/Christian novel) and a $5 Amazon Gift Card. If you'd like to sponsor a end of month giveaway, please email me at kellymartin215 yahoo... It would be a big blessing.
  • I'd love love LOVE a lot of participation in this. I think it'll be fun to discuss these verses and what they mean to us (especially the law books ;) My favorite ones!)
  • Encourage 365 monthly contributors are more than welcome to blog alone with this plan on their day. However, if you want to do a totally different post, that's perfectly fine. I truly appreciate all of you who write for this blog! :)
I know this is short notice being as it's already almost the last day of the year, but I'm very excited about this.  *happy dance*

Will you join me? I'm going to use THIS reading plan from to do it. It'll be easier on you that way as well. Every day, you can just click on the verses and read on the computer if you want or read your personal Bible like I plan on doing.

Folks, I'm excited about this. Leave a comment if it's something you'll consider doing with me :)

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  1. My hubby and I just finished reading the Bible thru in chronological order from the George Guthrie reading plan. We are going to go by his plan, but read from a different version this choice is NLT!!! What a wonderful idea you've had...and I'm on board!!!

  2. I'm doing NLT too (because I can understand it better :) )I"m so glad you're on board :)

  3. I plan on joining you on this creative and wonderful idea!

  4. Awesome, Mike :) And you can still post on your days if you want :)