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Friday, October 12, 2012


Devotional Blog Spotlight!!

Since it's Friday, we are shining the spotlight on another blog in the directory. this time it's Mike from Pray to God Today. Mike is in high school, but you'd never believe it by his maturity in his posts. I'm going to hand it over to him... 

Pray To God Today
1.    Why do you write devotionals?
I write devotionals because I have a calling from God to help others. And I find writing devotionals is a great way because I could possibly brighten someones day, teach them something or even make them expand on it if they want on their own blog.

2.    What is your favorite thing about writing devotionals?
My Favorite thing about writing devotionals is the fact that I am writing about Gods word for everyone to see. I love writing and teaching and living in the great experience of God, and helping others in this great Faith.

3.    What is your favorite book of the Bible to write over?
I don’t just have one favorite book to write on, I have several. They are; Exodus, Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, John, and Hebrews.

4.    Do you have a general idea what you are going to write over, or do you find a verse and just free write?

I usually don’t have an idea when I want to write. I will usually pray about it, look in the bible, or just look at things going on in my life right now. But at other times I do have a set thing I want to talk about.

5.    What made you decide to write?
What made me decide to write, and join the great blog community was just the fact I LOVE to share the Good News of God. I looked at other peoples blog. ( like this one) and it inspired me to write.

6.    What is your favorite part of having a devotional blog?
I get to meet a whole bunch of new and very nice people. Joining the devotional community was something I always wanted to. I enjoy writing but it’s also a great joy to see what other people are writing.

7.    What is the hardest part of having a devotional blog?
Keeping it up to date. Since I am a high school student it is VERY hard to keep up with new and exciting devotionals.

8.    Do you have a favorite post? What was it about?
My favorite post was when I blogged at Life of Us and Saints. It was “guitar with loose strings. I will post it and Pray to God today  later today. I really enjoyed it, because it was comparing the looseness of strings to our own lives… You have to check it out.

9.    Do you ever find yourself writing about topics you need to be working on?
All the time.

10.      If you can’t for the life of you decide on a devotional, what is your back up plan?
I don’t post that day. I Pray all day, and then I will go back to it the next day.  I often come up in this situation… more than I would like to admit. But it happens, and God will reveal something to me at one point.

11.      What is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part of blogging is sharing the Good news of God. I love sharing it, and reading what other people write. I really don’t know what people will get from my posts, but I still write them anyways. I like them and happy with them then I post it.

12.      Tell us about yourself: family, kids, schooling, (You don’t have to get too personal if you don’t want)
I am a high school student, who as a GREAT vision, of becoming a priest. I have ever since grade one. And I kept it strong and alive in my heart. I have 3 sibling, two brothers and one sister. I am the youngest in my family, and the only one who has a vision of becoming a priest. 

13.      Do you have a verse you try to live by (a life verse)? If so, what is it?
I do have a verse I try to live by and that verse is   from Matthew 6:12, “ Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” I live by this because if I’m not able to forgive, how can I expect God to Forgive me?

Thank you so much, Mike!! I loved reading your answers. 

Please head over to Mike's blog and read other wonderful posts. He is also a regular contributor who blogs here at Encourage 365 every last Monday of the month.

If you'd like your blog added to the directory or if you are in the directory and want to be spotlighted, please send me an email at ohthatmomagain at yahoo dott com.


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