Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1 Cor. 15:58


Thursday, October 20, 2011

day 123: The Importance of a Pinky Toe

1 Corinthains 12:17
If the whole body were an eye, how would you hear? Or if your whole body were an ear, how would you smell anything


Ok, I'm hoping that you either know what I'm writing about today or you are thinking I've completely lost my mind lol. 

If you don't know what today's verse is talking about, it is on spiritual gifts-- and more specifically it's on how not everyone can have the same gift.

We are human, and if we are being really true and honest, we know that sometimes we think that one person's gift is better than ours-- OR we think there is one gift we'd give our right eye for because it seems "more important" (to us).

However, we know deep in our heart, that isn't the case.

If everyone had the gift of prophesy/ministry, who would fill the pews for the millions of preachers?

If everyone spoke in tongues, who would intrepret?

If everyone could intrepret, who would speak in tongues for them to do so?

If everyone had the gift of teaching, who would they teach?

If every body only was a foot-- we would all look pretty silly.  Little feet, hopping around, no guidance, no stomach, no eyes--- just plopping around merrily until we keeled over (and couldn't get up because we'd have no hands---)

If every body just had a head-- we would all be rolling around everywhere.  Knocking our noggins around on rocks.  It wouldn't be pretty.

A pinky toe might not be thought of as 'important'-- but if something happens and you have to get it cut off, you see how important it was.

A church, as a human body, is made up of different parts, doing different things, to reach a common function.

You might "just" be the pinky toe, but remember, the whole church's balance if off if you aren't there.

God bless you :)



  1. From one part of the body to another, great post
    God bless

  2. I've sent cards to people who missed a Sunday at church saying, "You are part of the body, and a part is missing when you aren't there." Love this message today, Kelly!

  3. lol, thanks Tracy. I'm not entirely sure which body part I am-- however I'd be the right butt cheek if it meant I was working for God :)

    Lisa, that is awesome :) I think those are great ideas.