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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Large, Man-eating Spider (Or how Perception can turn you bald)

The other night, I was taking a bath, minding my own business. My kids were asleep. The husband was asleep. It was about 12:30 at night (because that's the only time I can take a bath without someone barging in ;) ).

I had gotten some new washcloths for Christmas. So, I was laying down with one of them laying on my stomach (you don't have to picture that if you don't want... this does have a point.. ;) )

Okay, so it's late, I'm alone..... I look down, and there is the MASSIVE spider on my stomach!

I didn't see the entire spider... I just saw it's leg, and it's leg was huge!

Not wanting to freak the spider out and have it bite my head off, I just laid there, looking at the spider's leg, trying not to breathe too deeply and startle the massive giant.

The more I got to looking, the more I noticed, "Hey, this feller's not moving."

I was happy about it at first because... well, it wasn't moving. My internal organs were safe! Huzzah!

Then, I got worried that the spider might be calculating its move and would, in fact, jump on my face and suck out my brains.

Don't think I laid there until the water got cold thinking all of this... It took maybe ten seconds, but you know how time slows when you are terrified.

Then I looked.... REALLY looked at my gigantic spider foes massively long leg.

Then I looked up at the bathroom light over the sink.

Then I looked down on a string from the washcloth on my tummy.

Then I turned a funny shade of red and let out a big ole breath.

My gigantic spider.... was a thread and a shadow. The lights made a shadow on the thread, making it look like a big spider leg and my imagination did the rest.

Once I was glad no one saw my antics, I thought Hey! That's how life is! I need to blog about it! (my honest thoughts at 12:30 am...)

(perception... or photoshop?)

There are things that seem so big to us, so scary, so horrible that we don't want to either see them or go through them. And some things are. There are some things in life that are horrific.

And then there are threads on washcloths.

Our perception of problems can sometimes make our problems bigger. Our minds tend to jump to the
worst possible scenarios (our minds and 'Dr. Google'). Our perception is often skewed by our fears and the 'what ifs' in life.

Psalm 147:5         
Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure.

Have you ever done those mind tricks? You know, the one where a dancer is spinning one way... and if you REALLY concentrate you can make her spin the other way. It all has to do with perception and how we see something.

How we see an issue...

What if we saw everything smaller than they really are? OR for what they actually are? What if we stopped letting fear control our perception of the world, of our marriages, of our friendships, of our jobs, of church, of the internet, of life?

What if we saw our giants as just a small ant?

What if we saw things that aggravate us as 'not' the end of the world?

Well, I suppose if we did that (if *I* did that), we'd have a lot less gray hair ;)



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